Saturday, January 19, 2013

An Old Vet Returns

Sup dudes, Fred here with a confession, I played a lot of Minecraft back in the day. Now when I mean back in the day, I mean back in the day. I played before potions, I played before enchantments, hell I played before villagers. But it was around the Halloween Update almost a year and a half ago that I decided to hang up my pickaxe, and let them 'finish' the game. I watched 1.0 come and go, yet the pickaxe remained right where I left it. I read of new features, from desert specific villages to lost jungle temples (one of which I have found), yet try as I might I could never get my mind back into the mining mindset.

The new year has brought about many changes in many lives, notably one where Matthew "Sevadus" Zagursky has made a commitment to livestreaming daily. His schedule consists of Minecraft 4 days a week and other games on the weekends. Watching his world evolve has really opened my eyes as to what is possible within a 'vanilla' world file.

And so I return to this world, having retrieved that trusty pickaxe my mind has re-entered the minecraft mindset.

And with Notch as my witness, I will journey forward, and vanquish the so-called "Ender Dragon".